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The Color of Grey Cells (CoGC) is dedicated to Mental Wellbeing and provides psychotherapy and  Creative Arts Therapy services.

Creative Arts therapies are for everyone and anyone, because they require no prior skill set, no training or experience in the arts.

The therapists simply endeavour to create confidential, non judgemental, safe and open spaces for expression and exploration, using a variety of creative methods, activities and games.

You can begin your mental health journey with CoGC, in the following ways:

Individual Psychotherapy  Sessions

This service is for anyone facing any emotional, psychological, mental distress. Talk therapy or arts therapy sessions can help one communicate difficult feelings and bring thought and behaviour patterns to awareness.

Group Therapy or Support Groups

From time to time, our therapists facilitate group therapies or support groups. These are small groups that meet to explore specific goals and needs for a fixed period of time. 

Drama/Movement/Art Therapy Workshops

Any organisation, school, college, corporate, NGO or institution who wish to experience the therapeutic aspects of arts can avail this service. This would be a customised workshop focussing on the goals that you wish to explore. 

Creative Arts Therapy: 

Training Workshops 

Open to psychologists, students, special educators, occupational therapists, artists and anyone else who wants to learn how to use the arts as a therapeutic medium can organise/attend these workshops. 

Besides these ways of engaging with us, we also provide supervision and consultation services for fellow therapists. 

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Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
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